The Award-Winning Fryer Filter that Slashes Oil Consumption and Costs by up to 50%

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Benefits Exclusive to VITO Systems

Extend Oil Lifespan

With VITO's cutting-edge micro-filtering technology, you can effectively prolong the lifespan of your cooking oil. This can result in a remarkable increase of up to 50% in your oil's usability, delivering substantial cost-efficiency

Reduce Fryer Workload

Extending oil life up to 50% also reduces the changeovers by the same amount. Cleaner oil also means less boil outs and less scrubbing which lowers labor costs.

Enhanced Fried Food Quality

Wave goodbye to oily, inferior fried cuisine! VITO's patented Microfiltration technology guarantees a cleaner oil, leading to an improved overall appearance, texture, and taste of your food.

Easy Cleaning

With Vito's dishwasher-safe base unit, maintaining your oil filtration system becomes a breeze. Spend less time on cleaning and more time delighting your customers with delectable treats.

Chemical-Free Operation

Vito doesn't require any chemical additives to work its magic. Enjoy healthier fried food without compromising on taste or quality with chemicals in your oil that can't be filtered out.


Never wonder if and when your VITO is being used. With VITO Wi-Fi CONNECT you'll get reports sent to your inbox as often as you wish. See your savings along with the date and time of every filtration.

Our Products Line


Our Products

Ideal to fit inside Autofry® or Perfect Fry® ventless fryers. Also suitable for tabletop fryers up to 22 lbs capacity.
The all new VL is our largest portable model. This all arounder can manage a mix of fryers up to 70lbs each in capacity. It also has the exclusive VITO Wi-Fi Connect built right in so you can receive usage reports right in your inbox.
The new VM is designed to filter table top fryers on up to floor models as large as 37 lbs capacity. Now includes our exclusive VITO Connect Wi-Fi usage reporting feature built right in.
The VITO XM filters all fryers and can hold 40 Litres (2 x 35lb fryers worth) of oil in its tank.
The VITO XL filters all fryers and can hold 120 Litres (Roughly 3.5 x 60lb fryers worth) of oil in its tank.
The VITO XM filters all fryers and can hold 75 Litres (Roughly 3.5 x 40lb fryers worth) of oil in its tank.
Folded paper filters for VITO 50, VITO 80 and VITO VL oil filter system
The FT 440 Oil Tester determines the health of your frying oil so you can change it exactly on time and save even more.
NEMA Power cord for the VITO 30, 50, 80, VL and XS, XM and XL series
Wall bracket for VITO 30 and VITO 50/80/VL oil filter system.


Oil filtration is the process of removing contaminants and impurities from oil to maintain its quality and performance. It is vital for your equipment because clean oil prevents friction, reduces wear and tear, extends equipment life, and enhances overall operational efficiency.
Vito Oil utilizes state-of-the-art filtration technology to remove particles, sludge, and water from the oil, ensuring it meets or exceeds industry standards. Our process includes various filtration stages, including mechanical and chemical methods, to achieve the best results.
Vito Oil's services benefit a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, construction, oil and gas, mining, marine, agriculture, and more. Any industry that relies on machinery and equipment can benefit from our oil filtration expertise.
The frequency of oil filtration depends on factors such as equipment type, operating conditions, and oil usage. Generally, we recommend regular filtration intervals based on our analysis of your specific needs and oil condition.

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